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In understanding the Earth as an integrated system, TEAL explores the physical, chemical and biological processes that shape Earth's environment, with emphasis on the unique role of humans as agents of change.

Ecohydrology Laboratory


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GLOBE Carbon Cycle is focused on bringing the most cutting edge research and research techniques in the field of terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycling into the classroom....read more

Stable Isotope Lab
The UNH Stable Isotope Lab specializes in the analysis of stable isotope ratios of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen in solid, liquid and gaseous environmental samples....read more

Current Projects for TEAL

Terrestrial Ecosystems Analysis Laboratory (TEAL) Conducts research on forest ecosystem carbon and nitrogen dynamics, with emphasis on the effects of atmospheric deposition, air pollution and climate change.

TEAL researchers use technologies in remote sensing, field and laboratory investigations, and computer modeling to study
 • Forest decline
 • Carbon cycle at local, regional, and global scales
 • Nitrogen cycling in terrestrial ecosystems
 • Atmosphere/biosphere exchange & trace gas flux
 • Land use/land cover change, local to global scales
 • Ecohydrology