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Lucie Lepine

Research Scientist

Lucie’s research interests involve examining the multiple effects of plant functional type, disturbance and land-use history on variability in forest productivity and nutrient cycling. As a remote sensing specialist, she is particularly interested in optical properties of plants, and examines forest ecosystems primarily through the lens of airborne imaging spectrometer data and broadband satellite imagery. Her work integrates remote sensing with canopy chemistry and species composition to examine processes at scales ranging from leaf- to canopy-levels to better understand patterns at landscape and regional scales.

Publications by Lepine (formerly Plourde)

Current Projects

(1) NASA Carbon Cycle Science: Exploring Relationships among Carbon Cycling, Vegetation Nitrogen Status and Surface Albedo across North American Ecosystems to Improve Land Surface Models
(2) NASA Terrestrial Ecology: Effects of Disturbance and N Deposition on Nitrogen-Albedo Relations in Forests
(3) New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station (AES)–University of New Hampshire College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA): Interactions between Climate Change, Carbon Cycling and Land Use in a Mixed Agricultural, Residential and Forested Landscape
(4) NH EPSCoR Interactions among Climate, Land Use Ecosystem Services and Society—Terrestrial Ecosystem Services: Climate Change and New Hampshire Forests— Impacts and Interactions
(5) Forest Ecosystem Modeling of Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics

email: Lucie Lepine