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Alexandra R. Contosta

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Dr. Contosta is a post-doctoral research associate examining feedbacks between land-use and climate change.  Her research interests include soil trace gas emissions and biogeochemical cycling, with a focus on beneath-snow processes.




email: Alexandra R. Contosta



Contosta, A.R., Frey, SD, Ollinger SV, and Cooper AB (2012) Soil respiration does not acclimatize to warmer temperatures when modeled over seasonal timescales. Biogeochemistry. DOI 10.1007/s10533-012-9748-6.


Contosta, A.R., Frey, S.D., and Cooper, A.B.  (2011)  Seasonal dynamics of soil respiration and nitrogen mineralization in chronically warmed and fertilized soils.  Ecosphere.  2:1-21.


Sinsabaugh, R., Lauber, C.L., Weintraub, M.N., Ahmed, B., Allison, S.D., Crenshaw, C., Contosta, A.R., Cusack, D., Frey, S., Gallo, M.E., Gartner, T.B., Hobbie, S.E., Holland, K., Keeler, B.L., Powers, J.S., Stursova, M., Takacs‐Vesbach, C., Waldrop, M.P., Wallenstein, M.D., Zak, D.R., and Zeglin, L.H. (2008) Stochiometry of soil enzyme activity at the global scale. Ecology Letters. 11:1252‐1264