Terrestrial Ecosystems Analysis Laboratory data products and laboratory resources

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Ecosystem Modelling

  • PnET is a suite of three nested computer models which provide a modular approach to simulating the carbon, water and nitrogen dynamics of forest ecosystems. Though primarily a temperate forest canopy model, work is currently underway to generalize PnET and produce a simple, alternative model applicable to all terrestrial ecosystem types.

  • Climcalc is a simple model of physical and chemical climate for the New England / New York region derived from statistical analysis of weather station data and data from atmospheric deposition monitoring networks.

Foliar Chemistry Database

  • This is a web based foliar chemistry database that includes foliar chemistry values for all of the major tree species in the northeastern U.S (and a few herbaceous species). The elements and compounds included in this database are: Ca, Al, Mg, Mn, P, K, Sr, nitrogen, lignin, cellulose, hydrogen, and carbon. http://foliar.sr.unh.edu/

Laboratory Resources