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Scott V. Ollinger

Ecosystem Ecology / Remote Sensing
Joint Appointment Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
Ph.D., University of New Hampshire


Dr. Ollinger is a professor with joint appointments in the Earth Systems Research Center and the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment. His research interests include ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry, carbon and nitrogen cycling in forests, effects of air pollution and climate change and relationships between foliar chemistry and ecosystem processes. His work involves a combination of field studies, remote sensing and ecological modeling at local to continental scales. Dr. Ollinger is an investigator with the North American Carbon Program, the White Mountain MAPBGC project and is a developer of the PnET ecosystem models.  He teaches courses in Terrestrial Ecosystems and Biogeochemistry. He is an Associate Director of the EOS Institute and Associate Director of the Earth Systems Research Center.  He is also on the Board of Directors for the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), the science study group for NASA’s HyspIRI mission and the Steering Committee of the Northeastern States Research Cooperative. 

Publications by Ollinger

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